Upholstery Cleaning Middlesex New Jersey

 If you want to keep your furniture in optimum condition and extend its life, a frequent deep-clean of it is the best step.  Upholstery cleaning, however involves dealing with many different fabric types.  That’s why you should turn to us – our experienced technicians offer a large range of techniques, both for study and delicate fabrics.   And we only use environmentally-friendly, organic cleaning solutions in our work, which don’t just cut through dirt easily but are safe for your kids and pets.

We offer:

- Leather and fabrics

- Sofas, love seats and all types of chairs Cleaning. 

- Steam and dry cleaning

- Fabric wall cleaning. 

- Elimination of spots, stains and odors

- Removal of mold and mildew

- Fabric protection treatments

Why replace your furniture when you can have it look like new? 

With the appropriate care, your furniture will remain in fine condition for years to come.  Our unique deep-cleaning methods will remove contaminants like household dust, dust mites, pollen and dander and restore your sofa or armchair to its previous condition.   

We also provide a comprehensive and safe leather cleaning service, which removes all dirt and oils from fabric.  Moreover, we can apply a protective coating to enhance the appearance and protect the leather from wear, tear and future spills. 

Don't let your furniture loose its beauty.  Regular deep-cleaning is an excellent alternative to replacing your pieces.  It will also keep your home healthier, and your special pieces looking beautiful and smelling fresh.