A Commercial Service You Can Trust

A Good First Impression

Commercial premises see an enormous amount of foot traffic on their floors, on a daily basis and become dirty far quicker than private homes.  Instead of a few pairs of feet, commercial premises often see hundreds – every day!  Here at Middlesex Carpet Cleaning we understand just how important it is to keep such premises tidy and clean.  

It creates a good first impression for potential clients (who should not see mess and clutter when they arrive at a place of business).  It improves staff morale (and encourages higher productivity).  And it also promotes healthier living, because air quality improves.

Dependable and Dedicated 

Middlesex Carpet Cleaning serves hundreds of businesses in the borough, providing top-quality service at competitive prices. Our clients include corporate offices, hotels, places of worship, malls and bowling alleys.  Our primary goal is customer satisfaction which is why we hire only dependable and dedicated staff, who pay constant attention to the smallest details.

We offer tailor-made packages, designed to meet your specific needs, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  

100% biodegradable and Organic 

And we don’t believe on compromising when it comes to our work, which is why we use only environmentally-friendly and 100% organic solutions in our work.  These contain none of the toxic chemicals or sticky residues that traditional products leave behind.  They protect the health of you and your staff but still remove all kinds of deep-seated stains and spills.  

Your premises deserve the best possible attention and we guarantee that you will get that if you call us.  We are just a phone call away!