Rug Repair that Restores and Revitalizes

Experienced Professionals

For personal or financial reasons, your rug is going to be something you care about.  Damage is something you will dread but if the worst occurs, the most important thing is to act immediately.  Left to deteriorate, it will become harder to restore or repair, not to mention more costly.   

Here at Middlesex Carpet Cleaning we guarantee that when you put your rug in our hands, it will be treated with complete care from the moment we pick it up until the moment we return it to you.  We are experienced professionals, and we’ve been repairing rugs for a long time.  Whatever your problem, we’ve seen it before and dealt with it.  Our skill and expertise mean even the trickiest job is something we can handle.  

Modern Techniques

Our reliable staff are kept constantly kept constantly up-to-date with the most modern techniques.  We offer a wide range of repair services including:

- Mending tears

- Patching holes

- Re-weaving fringes and tassels that have become worn or ripped

- Brightening color runs

- Re-selvedging (repairing sides)

- Removing mold and mildew stains

- Eliminating pet urine odors

- Combating moth damage

Attention to Detail

Our philosophy is that every rug deserves individual care. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions.  We will extend the life of your rug dramatically, paying constant attention to detail.  No job is too small for us and no challenge too great…you can count on us for great results.