Organic Cleaning

 Say No to Toxic Chemicals

We all care about the planet, and we also care about the health of our families and pets.  That’s why more and more of us are choosing to lead ‘greener’ lifestyles, and particularly within our homes.

 The dangers of traditional carpet cleaning products are becoming well-known – especially how being exposed to their toxic chemicals can aggravate all kinds of nasty allergies and breathing difficulties.  

100% organic

Middlesex Carpet Cleaning don’t believe you need to worry about these kinds of problems, because using these kinds of products is simply unnecessary.  We think organic cleaning is something we should all enjoy, which is why we are 100% committed to environmentally-friendly cleaning.  We use only organic products, in all of our work.  And not only are they completely safe for you, your kids and your pets, but they are incredibly tough on grime and soil.  

Remove all those stains

Tried and tested, our eco-friendly products will remove the most stubborn stains and spills – red wine, chocolate, rust, grease, chewing gum and even blood.  They don’t leave behind the sticky residues that traditional products do and often contain ingredients you can find in your home (salt, baking soda and citric acid).

Green products are also very efficient.  In fact, many studies have shown that they actually outperform traditional cleaning agents.  We assure you that with our green cleaning methods your carpets and furniture will never look better.  Uncompromisingly tough on dirt, green cleaners eradicate the worst stains and spills, as well as troublesome pet odors and dust mites.  And you will benefit from the results – your home will be cleaner, your furnishings fresher, your air purer and your children healthier.

A Minimum of Disruption

Green cleaning isn’t a compromise.  It’s a smart choice.  Our experienced and reliable technicians can answer all of your questions and help you make the change with a minimum of disruption.   We know you won’t regret it!